Karl Arnold Belser
12 August 2018

I am 78 and I am in the mood to complete things.

My brother visited from New Zealand and we went through many of the items that I have been saving as family history. We threw away garbage can loads of stuff that we no longer care about and that my children do not want. I even threw away all of my college engineering text books. I gave my son Charles many of the things that I value most and that he would accept.  He accepted my father's collection of first edition books with good illustrations.
He would not accept my slide rule or my HP 55 calculator which were my computational staples during my years at Stanford.

One of the effects of this purge was that my back gave out to the point that I had to get a walker to keep from falling. I am going to physical therapy with good results. However, the therapist pointed out that often back problems result from stress. This purge was stress, because it represents my realization that I will die in the next decade or so.. I want to distribute my possessions instead of having my children  do it.

As for the content of this blog, I do believe that the world order is changing. I do lthink a tripolar world might result and the consequences might be mass population thinning. I just completed reading American Genocide which describes how th California Indians were eliminated in the middle of the nineteenth century and the book The Worst Hard Time about the dust bowl in the 1930s in which bad government policy caused a human catastrophe. These events happened in recent history and I think that the world is still in flux.

A am glad that I am an American because I think that the US, The Accidental Superpower, will be a survivor. I am well off financially and I can assure that at least my children and grandchildren will have a reasonably pleasant life. However, if my kids are criminal or profligate they will suffer the consequences. What I know is that I have done my part.

I  now realize that my posts on this blog could be used against me for many politically correct reasons. There are today AI trolls, like search engines, that can scan all of the pages on the Internet looking for content that they don't like.  It is just too risky for me to continue this blog.  This is my last post.
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