Karl Arnold Belser
04 May 2018

My posts Racial Differences and  Population Control Using Social Credit made me aware that the US is in competition with China.. I searched for information  about World ranking of  Countries  by their IQ  and found the following chart..

                                     National IQ

It shows that China, Korea and Japan have a significantly higher IQ on average compared to other countries. If the law a nature is Competition, Survival and Reproduction might it be possible that  these Asian countries are evolving and discovering a more competitive way to manage their economies?

The US is suffering what appears to me to be the Tyranny of the majority, in that every human being is worth saving. It has pension, medical cost, and national debt that are out of control. So far there has been no collapse.

The Asians on the other hand appear to be managing the tyranny of the majority by suppressing the incapable and politically dissident so that they do not interfere with the economic activity in the larger cities. The US constitution will not allow it to profile its citizens and move the problematic ones to a remote place. So I am pessimistic that the United States can address the problems it has under current law.

The employment situation for many US citizens, maybe half of the working population, is going to get worse with the usage of robotics, automation and artificial intelligence. Further, the United States is facing a world challenge as being the world's reserve currency. Because of the world reserve currency status the US can mismanage its social promises and incur huge national debt that may be impossible to repay.  I think that the uncertain future is more likely to hold  a significant financial crisis for the United States b
ecause of this prodigality and profligacy,

At this point i do not know how to manage the possibility a the US dollar collapse if one should occur.


David Stockman gives a pretty good explanation about what happened between the US and China in his posts Not Your Grandfather's Trade War: The Revenge of Bad Money (Part 1), (Part 2). and (Part 3) .  In short, the problem is that no money system is based on solid money as it was during the gold standard times. Many countries have printed too much money and taken on too much debt. The conclusion is the same - monetary collapse.
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