Karl Arnold Belser
01 May 2018

The CBS article Chine's behavior monitoring systems bars some from  travel , purchasing property and the New Republic article How Do You Control 1.4 Billion People? made me aware of the modern implementation of China's Hukou System, which is a national data base about the behavior of every person in China.

I wondered if such a profile data base could be used in the US? If not, might China intend to use this system to make China more competitive than the US by "keeping th unwanted people fenced of in the countryside". These unwanted people might be those that are not smart enough for a high tech job where robots are dominant, or that are unreliable or criminal. As George Orwell pointed out in his book Nineteen Eighty Four, the unwanted people might also be political malcontents.

The Chinese system has been successful in minimizing large riots in the big cities and has prevented any large city from being surrounded by slums. The system clearly works and is not too inhumane.

China's use of Big Data is exactly what I pointed out in my post Megatrends 2013 under the subheading Big Brother.

The US has similar activity happening today. 
Cambridge Analytica apparently used the profile data from Facebook to microtarget voters and nudge them into voting for Donald Trump in the last presidential election. One might expect that other large on-line companies like Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft to also have extensive user profiles that are hidden from the public. Does the NSA have such a data base? And will the public ever know?

There is the looming problem of jobs disappearing because of robotics, automation and artificial intelligence. Further a large part of the US population does not have a sufficiently high IQ to do the new jobs that will occur. It is politically incorrect to point out that some people are dumber than others which makes it impossible for the current society to acknowledge and then deal with this issue..

I have seen estimates that as many as half of the current jobs will disappear in twenty years. People are discussing a minimum basic income as a possible solution. See my post Minimum Basic Income.

I ask why should I work so that others can play? I don't think that having half the population on the dole will fly, but that is where the US is headed.

Large cities in the US are flooded by the homeless and the streets are covered with human waste and needles. It looks like the Chinese method of segregating the unwanted from the people who are productive might be a solution, but not a very desirable one in a democratic society. I suspect that the US is at a tipping point. The nation cannot just take in and care for everyone and still be competitive with a country like China.
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