Karl Arnold Belser
22 March 2018

Many people in the US seem convinced that the social state and poverty of some people is the fault of public policy. In other words the poor are bing oppressed by the rich and powerful. This is political correctness that has little basis in fact. The underlying cause is probably genetics and the epigenetics of the parents of those people.

Ha, you might say. This cannot be true. Doesn't the 1776 Declaration of Independence say "all men are created equal"? I think that what Thomas Jefferson originally intended was that the people in the US had "equal opportunity" to survive. The  game of survival  of the fittest the fittest ((best and brightest or more physically fit people) survive as Darwin showed in his 1859 book On The Origins of Species.

The book Human Anatomy: A Very Short introduction  points out that humans initially evolved to have the ability to run fast and have high endurance so that they could simply chase down animals until the animals were exhausted in order to kill them. Further the fact that the arms and hands of humans were free to do other things enabled them to evolve to use tools and their minds to further enhance their probability of survival.
The Atlantic article Ancient DNA is rewriting Human History shows that Humans changed dramatically after leaving Africa and the changed peoples (including the Neanderthals) interbred and the offspring of these unions selected for survivability as the capabilities of human beings changed. Wave after wave of different peoples took charge of Europe over the ages and it appears to me that this process is still happening.

This is a story that many people don't want to hear because of truthiness, that is their internal model of reality has been shaped by social proof (what everyone else believes) not facts. Humanitarianism states that all human beings are worth saving, which is counter to the law of nature. In the end only the fittest survive.

Statistics about success show that it is IQ first and the habit of completion of what was started second that are the most important characteristics of successful people independent of the race, religion or cultura background of these people.

So what does this have to do with cloning, the title of this essay?

The reason is that no public policy is going to make people have a higher IQ or have better completion habits. Recent cloning examples show that it is genetics and epigenetics that shape what a living thing is. The cloning of polo ponies is clear proof that it is the nature of the extended genome that determines what a living thing is.

The 60 Minutes show called The Clones of Polo made me aware for the first time that huge progress has been made in cloning animals. The Vanity Fair article How Championship--Pony Clones Have Transformed The Game Of Polo gives a detailed discussion of the state of the cloning art.

In short the 20 year champion polo player Adolfo Camboso cloned more than a dozen
polo ponies from his proven champion horse after the horse broke a leg. These cloned horses that he calls machines are not only very similar genetically but the genome has also remembered the epigenetics from the original horse. This epigenetics is essentially what the prior horse learned during its life as a polo pony. Adolfo uses six of these horses interchangeably during a single polo match, and each horse is fantastic.

he Nautilus article Heredity Beyond the Gene  describes in further detail what epigenetics contributes.

The firs question I had was "What are the risks to non-sexual reproduction?" There must be a survival reason for sexual reproduction in animals and cloning is counter to this evolutionary trend. However, I note that in the plant kingdom the dandelion is a fierce competitor in nature and does not use sexual reproduction. So at least there is one counter-example that non-sexual reproduction is not a disaster.

The next question I asked was "does this new genetic information show conclusively that it is nature, not nurture that shapes a living animal?" There is certainly an indication that this is the case. Therefor one might wonder if public policy that trys to correct what nature has made is no more than trying to teach a pig to sing.
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