discussed the excessive promisesI

Karl Arnold Belser
15 November 2017

A  liberal but poor couple and I discussed the the hundreds of trillions of dollars in welfare promises that the US has promised but will never be able to pay.

Their response astounded me. "I guess we should try to get as much as we can from the government before they can't pay anymore. Ha. Ha." This comment illustrates the fundamental problem with the welfare state. People are entitled to benefits in the name of humanitarianism even if they never earned enough in their whole life to pay for a treatment which, of course, they deserve.

What these liberal people forget is that someone, namely the tax paying citizens, are paying for this welfare and that the welfare state causes the US to maximize (wastefully) spending on welfare in the name of humanitarianism. Russ Roberst's essay If You're Paying, I'll Have Top Sirloin clearly explains the problem.

The antidote to the welfare state is community in which churches and neighbors help one another. The aid recipients know the people that are helping them and then know if they are greedy that the helpers may in fact stop supporting them. Thus they only ask for assistance if there is an emergency. The welfare state has effectively killed any community involvement. I have even heard people say "Why should I pay to help my mother and father. I have paid my taxes. Let the government help them."

In my view the politicians in the United States have made the welfare promises irresponsibly in order to get votes. Hillary Clinton even wanted to forgive the huge student loan debt because more than half of the debtors didn't get any return on their education investment such that they became debt slaves forever.  Maybe the lenders should have a much higher criterion for lending money. Like asking "will an art or music major ever be able to pay off a $50,000 student loan debt?" Maybe the cost of a college education would not have risen by a factor of 10 in the last 40 years without this government largess. I note that the median wage has gone down over this same period.

I pointed out to a liberal friend that maybe the government is allowing lending to unqualified people. I said "After all half of the US population has an IQ of less than 100. This person exclaimed "This can't be true". This type of ignorance is typical of ignorant opinions of many liberal people.

I have no ideas about how the United States can extract itself from it's excessive promises. It seems to me that as some point the government will have to default. I would expect that extreme civil unrest might occur. Why? Because every person in the United States is supposedly entitled. Well they aren't because the nation can't afford it.  in the end the fittest people will survive. That is the law of nature.
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