Karl Arnold Belser
15 August 2017

The latest example of political correctness gone crazy, as I discussed in my post on Truthiness, is Googles firing of an employee for writing a memo (full text here) discussing the differences in job preferences of many men and women. I personally think that a discussion of the preference differences between  men and women in employment is a critical issue since the government is insisting that men and women be equally represented in all job categories.

The article in Liberty Blitzkrieg titled Whet the Google Memo Brings an Overdue conversation. gives a thorough discussion of the big picture. The Wall Stree Journal had an op-ed by Damore, but it is behind a paywall so Business insider gives a summary in its article ... Google is Almost a Cult.

Damore's memo does not say that women are not as intelligent as men. It does not say that women are not capable of doing jobs that men can do. They certainly did those jobs in wartime. It simply states that women may prefer to do more people oriented jobs than thing oriented jobs. The preferences of people is not sexism.

The brains of men and women are in fact different. The corpus callosum is larger in many women such that the two brain hemispheres are better connected. Women are apparently more connected emotionally which might make them more people oriented. The corpus  callosum in men is smaller, which I think results in men trying to compensate for this difference by making mental models in the left hemisphere. This might make them more thing oriented. Is it a crime to discuss this  apparent difference?

The firing of James Damore illustrates how intolerant many people on the left have become. The result is a perverted type of fascism that I call Truthiness.

The media proved that they are in fact a voice of Truthiness when the media reports that Damore said that women, as a category, were not as good as men at technical or thing oriented jobs. Damore neither said nor implied any such thing.

Again it is probably better for individuals to discover what they are good at and take those professions than for the government or a political faction to dictate how people should behave. The problems caused by government over-reach seems to be a reoccurring topic of this blog.


Note: the article How America Lost Its Mind in the Atlantic gives a good summary about how ignorance (bad education) and political correctness is destroying the United States. in short the cause is Truthiness.
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