Karl Arnold Belser
15 February  2017

Truthiness is the word coined by Stephen Colbert for The Illusion of Truth Effect. The Illusory Truth Effect simply states that if people are told that something is true a lot of times they begin to believe that it is true even if they know factually that it isn't true. The illusory truth effect is not truthiness. it is a fact shown by many studies..

The antidote to truthiness is skepticism. In fact if one does not object every time the false statements are made by at least consciously thinking Bull Shit, a person can be influenced. This is apparently how false news works on an ignorant 

President Trump is shaping public opinion using this tactic with regard to immigration and the working poor. The left is upset because they want social justice for everyone in the world even if it hurts some group of US citizens. Trump has vowed to put a stop to this economic injustice.

On the other hand Trump is attacking many beliefs that are politically correct.. I believe that many politically correct ideas are simply truthiness. They state how people think things should be, not how they are. See my posts Comments on Intelligence and
Humanities Education in Decline for example.

I think that a large part of the US population have become victims of truthiness. Even the educational institutions have been corrupted regarding the lessons and wisdom of history. I think that this a priori situation does not bode well for domestic peace, since Trump has declared that he will challenge all sorts of Political Correctness. Trump appears to have a steep, up hill battle ahead of him.

I am writing this post to state clearly that there is deep uncertainty and possible instability in America today because of truthiness. Both political parties, and the American public in general, seem ignorant about how to determine what is true or false. They both use truthiness to their advantage.

Changing this situation is clearly outside my Sphere of Influence. I have found that if I challenge facts like IQ distributions I get a hostile response which appears to further entrench the person in his or her politically correct views. This is truthiness in action, i.e. a tyranny of the majority.

My resolution is simply to keep my mouth shut and bide my time. I know that luck happens when opportunity meets the prepared mind. Having a prepared mind means simply knowing what is or is not true.
I want to be lucky,
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