Karl Arnold Belser
1 February  2017

I just finished the book The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander and I had an epiphany.

The book argues that an unjust criminal justice system with regard to drug usage is keeping the black population back from success. And like the injustices that are pointed out by the black lives matter movement in my post Comments on Gun Violence there is significant truth in the excessiveness of punishment and of police behavior. These injustices need to be corrected for the benefit of the total US society. Alexander shows that affirmative action has benefited about 25% of the black population in the US whereas approximately 75% of the black population have been marginalized by having a criminal record. A criminal record basically makes the person unemployable. Alexander says that this fact is evidence of the New Jim Crow.

My epiphany is that the evidence Alexander shows confirms the statistics in The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life by  Richard Hernstein and Charles Murry.  This book (on-line text) shows that the mean IQ of the black population is about 85 with a standard deviation of about 10 IQ points. Alexanders data demonstrates that the people in the high IQ tails, including Alexander herself, benefited from affirmative action. However
, much of the low IQ people have criminal records. Alexander does not point this fact out. Rather she appeals to Christain charity to be more leanient on black people. SHe appeals to the old argument that slavery 140 years ago has caused the situation today. As a scientist, I think all she has done is to show the truth about the black population today, for which there seems to be no solution.

The contents of the previous paragraphs is so politically incorrect that I have been called a racist by one of my friends. In fact my only interaction with black people was a IBM in which several of my good friends were black. They were of course smart. However.  my life partner Jackie had a dream that I would be kidnapped and killed for these fews. I am just following Stephen King's good writing rule 13: Take risks, don't play It safe.

I could stop here, but the same situation is happening to the low IQ white population in fly-over America that got Donald Ttrum elected. It is possible that the justice system is more lenient on these low IQ white people, but the facts show that there is a significant drug problem with white people.

The low IQ people are probably not going to have jobs in the high tech future of automation, artificial intelligence and robots.. Hence I think that no matter how well intended the government is, it will not be able to give employment to a majority of the US population. In fact if the minimum wage of $15 becomes law, then this wage limit will insure unemployment by people whose work is not worth $15 per hour. These people of all races might become viewed as unessential parasites. Maybe the government can support these people with humanitarianism and Christian charity in mind. But if the going gets tough, in which working people are significantly hurting to support those that aren't, I think the situation will be corrected by civil unrest or even war.  See the sidebar in my previous post America First.
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