Karl Arnold Belser
2 January  2017

My concern this past year has been about the future coarse of the United States because I did not like either presidential candidate.

WikiLeaks has shown just how corrupt the Democratic party has been. Hillary Clinton  clearly lied, saying that she represented the common person while secretly telling the rich that she will help them instead. I think that the Democratic party has lost their moral compass.

Donald Trump on the other hand scared me because of his audacious rhetoric about anything that appeared to be politically correct. In the end this political correctness, that is, giving preference to foreigners, blacks Hispanics and women instead of the core white working class (WWC), got Trump elected. The conflict was between the Democrats goal of social justice at the expense of the WWC versus economic justice, which the WWC needs.

Trumps election as president of the United States will probably be a major turning point in US history by undoing and reversing much of what the Democratic liberals have implemented. Further if Trump does achieve economic success, other countries will probably have to change their governance to be more business like.

The other big event of 2016 was Brexit, the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. The cause for this event was somewhat similar to that of Trumps win, namely giving preference to Islamic asylum seekers over the existing English population in the name of social justice and Christian charity. As a result the European Union is extremely fragile. It could easily fall apart during 2017. See my post 

My general conclusion is that globalism is being halted in favor of nationalism. The US is apparently going to  focus on economic justice for its citizens instead of economic distortion to give social justice to minority groups. See my posts  


As a sidebar, I am skeptical about the changes that president Trump can implement.  I wanted an assessment of the political situation for 2017. I wanted to know what could and should the new president do?

I read the book Exceptional: Why the World Needs a Powerful America by Dick Cheney because
I wanted an accurate history of the foreign and military policy of the US. Dick Cheney was the VP under George W. Bush at the time 911 occurred, He was also secretary of defense under President George H. W. Bush and Chief of staff for President Nixon. He is probably the most knowledgeable VP on US foreign policy in all of US history.

Cheney gives a reasonably accurate history of the world conflicts after world War II.  Cheney is especially critical  of President Obama with regard to doing what Obama essentially promised in areas of conflict, For example Obama backed down when the Syrian government crossed Obama's red line  when Syria used chemical weapons on its citizens. Obama backed down in other instances which implied to the world that America lacked commitment. Obama further failed in good negotiations with Iran, Cuba and the Trans Pacific Partnership. I am reasonably sure that President Trump knows all of Obama's failings because he is using Dick Cheney as a consultant and adviser.

I have wondered if there isn't some part of the US government that secretly meddles in politics in order to protect the nation from incompetence or revolution. For example, I suspect that  President John Kennedy and his brother Robert were assassinated by some government agents because of the botched actions by the president that led up to the Cuban Missile Crisis and a possible nuclear war. Could the same type of secret action have just happened in the election of Donald Trump? For example might the CIA have hacked the Democratic party emails, sent these emails to WikiLeaks, and with the help of James Comey, FBI director, have manipulated the vote for Trump. The government has put a full court press on accusing and punishing the Russians for these email hacks, but the Russians did not even respond to the eviction of their diplomats from the US. The implication here  (to me) is that the CIA is trying to cover up its actions, and that the cover-up is being done without the president's knowledge.

I wanted to understand more about the CIA. I read the book Playing to the Edge: American Intelligence in the Age of Terror by CIA Director Michael Hayden under George W. Bush. This book gives a good history of the kinds of secret activities that the US has done in the past. I can imagine that if Cheney's scathing critique of President Obama's behavior is accurate, then the CIA may have felt that it was too big of a risk to have Hillary Clinton become president. If she had become president, then she might have died by some means or other under CIA control..

I am leaving this post here, but I observe that the world is in a very fragile state on many fronts. The US does not want a nuclear war with Russia. It does not want the Islamic world under Iran to have nuclear weapons. It does not want Europe to fragment into chaos.. It does not wan the US economy to atrophy because of over regulation that stifles growth. I sincerely hope that the new president will make some inroads on these issues. However, I am afraid that there are going to be some very rough times in the near future.
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