Karl Arnold Belser
22 September 2016

The Washington Post article The Shocking Difference in how Blacks and Whites are killed by Guns illuminates several aspects of political correctness gone awry.  In short 77 percent of white gun deaths are suicide while 82 percent of black gun deaths are homicide. Further most of these deaths are with hand guns, not assault rifles. The current democratic government is obsessed with getting rid of assault rifles whose elimination will have little or no effect on gun violence.

The article Growing Public Support for Gun Rights from the Pew Foundation shows that many people in the US realize that the real threats from gun violence comes from people that have purchased the guns illegally. So law biding citizens apparently feel that they, not the criminals, will be deprived of guns with which they might protect themselves. Maybe the law biding people will need assault rifles to protect themselves from mobs of discontented people if the economy gets worse.

It is politically incorrect to be in favor of gun ownership, and the democratic party is apparently just pushing gun control in order to get votes.

Do black lives matter? Apparently not to other blacks. The data shows that legal action (police) results in about the same death rate for both blacks and whites, which is small. Actually many more non-black people are killed by the police than are killed  in the black community.

The black lives matter movement has focus the nation on inappropriate police practice. This focus is good and benefits both blacks and whites.

On the other hand the black lives matter movement has apparently resulted in less police action in the black communities, which in turn has resulted in higher murder rates. The truth is that blacks kill other blacks at a very high rate and that the black lives matter movement has worsened the situation. Today the murder rate in some black communities is worse than the most dangerous places on earth.  No politician points this out.

The problem is, as I see it, that the black community is not taking responsibility for its own behavior.

The response I get to this observation is that many people in the black communities are poor. The implication is that this is still the government's fault. I observe that the US has just gone through a 50 year long reverse discrimination experiment that has helped a small percentage of blacks but has actually made the situation worse for most blacks. When a school gives a degree to a person that is not earned or deserved, it undermines the general public's belief that any degreed black person is educated. The public policy mistake was reverse discrimination and it is still going on in the name of ethnic diversity.

So why are many black communities poor? Is it poor education?  

I think lack of education is one facet of the problem and the teachers unions heavily contribute to this poor education.. They don't police and get rid of bad teachers, they teach to the bottom of the class, and they are forced to teach to the Common Core. The common core has crippled teachers from taking initiative to solve their local problems. A good teacher is not a robot. As a result many good teachers have left the profession, leaving in many cases the least qualified teachers in charge.

The other part of the problem is the uncivilized behavior of some people in the black community. When a police injustice occurs a large number of buildings in the black community are destroyed and robbed. This is simply criminal behavior that reflects extremely badly on the black community as a whole because no one vocally calls the community to account. I  observe that the non- black population has not burned and robbed their cities when a police injustice has been made even though there are maybe ten times more of non-black injustices committed by the police.

There is going to be no quick solution to  lack of civilized behavior in the black community by for example better education. The black community is simply blaming their bad behavior on RACISM. This is a problem that the president, a black man, should point out is wrong. I think he doesn't do it because he does not want the democratic party to loose votes from the black community.

Consider how the article Chicago's Plight: Why do Blacks Perpetually Vote for Politicians that make their Lives Worse illustrates how really messed up public policy can be. I wonder why the black community doesn't help themselves. There are solutions.

The republican party has proposed a universal voucher system to let parents manage the education of their children. The voucher system has worked in many poor city center communities because the parents are now in charge and can manage the education of their children. They can choose private schools, usually Catholic schools.

The public school system needs competition and reform in my opinion. The US spends more money on teaching than does any other developed country. Yet it is in the bottom of results obtained by the OECD.  Vouchers would give competition to the failing schools and the unions are adamantly opposed to vouchers. However, the democratic party has pandered to the unions to get votes.

Lastly, today it is not true that higher education is the key to economic success. In fact too many people are getting student loans that have made them debt slaves for life. There is no point in giving everyone a free college education because there are not today, nor will there be in the future, jobs that require the current kind of college degrees. Robots and artificial intelligence are going to eat up a large percentage of current jobs and no one knows what kind of work these displaced people will do.

The "wisdom" of Washington in forcing common core on the nations educational systems has impeded the discovery process that should occur in the nations schools. So when the democratic party says there would be free college education and essentially dictate what is taught by common core, they are in my opinion  just proposing to flush good money down the drain and drastically impede the whole US society in adapting to the changes in the workplace that are coming. The problem here is too much central control by ignorant people because today no one knows what all of the educational objective should be. The government needs more of a start-up company mentality when it comes to education.

I conclude that the democratic party is not interested in results. It is just interested in a blind pandering to political correctness to get votes - and it is working. A majority of blacks, according to todays polls, favor the democratic candidate for president Hillary Clinton, even though Clinton's stated goals will certainly make the black situation worse. The republican Donald Trump has only a 7 percent favorable rating by the black community even though he is on the correct side of every issue mentioned above.

Donald Trump has unfortunately made racist statements that has undermined his credibility. Whereas Hillary Clinton has explicitly stated that she will do the wrong things as I have outlined above. Which is worse? The emotions against Trump's foolish behavior will probably defeat him even though he appears to have a better plan for dealing with the black situation.

It is clear to me that the black community, for whatever reason, is unable to take responsibility and to help themselves out of the quagmire that they are in. They desperately need a leader.

I wonder why no black leader has stepped forward? The reason appears to be clear. It would take a super human person to stand up to ignorant but powerful politicians.


As an aside I read the book Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates. It is a letter to his 15 year old son about how hopeless it is to be a black person in the American society today. Coats does not resolve the dilemma that blacks face and does not offer hope for the future.

The book helped me step into  the point of view of a black man, who is trapped by circumstance and who has seen an outstanding friend Prince George and high achiever killed by black police. Coates is very angry at the system
and in my opinion justifiably so.

I wish that Coats had not given up. Coates and his friend are victims of the perception that the black community is "bad". Given the statistics that I have given above, it is reasonable for people to draw general conclusions about the behavior of people in the black community. This general perception is the problem and has to be turned around. 

The black community needs a leader, and architect for change, that will face the facts that democratic policy, in the guise of doing good, is severely hurting the black community. No black man today should vote democratic and almost all of them will.

Coates appears to me to be the man that could make a difference by being this black leader. He apparently has the GUTS to stand up for himself and his community by writing his book..
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