Karl Arnold Belser
12  July 2016

I am horrified by police apparently murdering black men in several incidents, the nation-wide riots that followed, and the subsequent murder of 5 policemen in Dallas by an angry black man.  What happens when police start getting shot?

I wrote my initial post Civil Unrest and Non-Lethal Weapons in 2014 after the Ferguson riot
s in which I pointed out that riots are a form of feedback to a government that is not serving some part of the society well. Giving military armaments to the police to suppress riots is scary.

I note that a robot with explosives was used to exterminate the gunman in Dallas. This is an escalation of armament by the police. this type of escalation doesn't bode well for the future.

In 2015 I wrote the post Civil Unrest and Employment in which I pointed out that the high crime rate in some black communities might be due to expectations that cannot be fulfilled. I was inclined to "give the police a break" because of the very hostile environment that they had to deal with. I still believe that the black community appears to be under performing despite 50 years of reverse discrimination starting with Lindon Johnson's great society. the reverse discrimination did not work. I wrote in this post that the black community has to tell the truth and take  responsibility for its own behavior. If black lives matter, black men should stop killing one another. There is no public policy that will solve this kind of problem.

Based on the regularly occurring cases of apparent police misconduct I suspect that there is lack of discipline of the offending officers. I suspect that it is the police unions that are not policing themselves effectively. In fact unions like the teachers unions, the AMA (a doctors union),   and even the wealthy government people  are not policing themselves well. In this case I think the government is at fault and that it needs to take responsibility for the situation in the police departments of the nation and correct them.

In the big picture, as I point out in my post Breach of Trust the whole American population is likely to suffer economically. The rich are just going to get richer, automation will eliminate many jobs and government over-regulation will stifle the birth of new businesses which in turn might cause civil unrest to expand outside of the black community. It appears that the politicians are going to used whatever force they need to preserve law and order rather than dealing with the more difficult issues.

Given these thoughts I go back to my post Failure of a Republic in which I wonder how in the world can the United States  peacefully unravel itself from the mess that it is in.
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