Karl Arnold Belser
24  June 2016

Yesterday the citizens of the United Kingdom (UK) voted to leave the European Union (EU) by a small 4% margin.  I wonder how this happened. I further observe that the US presidential candidates are, in my opinion, very poor choices. What's going on?

I got a clue from the Bloom berg View article Do the Experts Know Anything? by Justin Fox and the article Why I voted for Brexit. .  

The experts (and also the politicians) represent the establishment in the political parties, and they are significantly influenced by money from lobbyists and big corporations. They promote political correctness which in many cases are institutionalized lies. The results have been public policy mistakes that have severely damaged the ordinary person. See my post Failure of a Republic.and the Atlantic article How American Politics Went Insane by Jonathan Rauch.

In the case of the UK, many people there are worried about immigrants, especially Islamic immigrants. The EU has adopted a liberal policy regarding immigration that many nations in the EU do not accept. There have already been some fairly severe consequences of this immigration policy. I suspect that many UK citizens would like to keep control of their destiny even though there may be dire consequences.

Now consider some of the public policy mistakes that the US has made.

The obesity epidemic has been indirectly caused by the US promoting th
e use of corn syrup (which is fructose) in many food items. Recent studies have shown that it is fructose consumption, not trans-fats or cholesterol, that is responsible for much of the poor health of US citizens. This is a public policy mistake the the FDA has not acknowledged. See my post Fructose May Harm You.

Next, the economic prospects of many citizens appears to be poor, especially the people under 40.  Letting too many people get student loans (another public policy mistake) has made many younger people debt slaves from which they may never be able to escape. Seem my post The Student Loan Dilemma

Further it is not even clear if people with university educations will be able to get jobs. Lack of job opportunity and indebtedness is a genuine problem that will not be solved by the government letting much of the worlds wealth get concentrated in a small number of people. See my post Limiting Wealth Accumulation.

In addition, because of a shift in the educational system world wide, The History of Western Civilization (the study of how the west became successful) is not understood by many of these people. The study of the humanities used to be one of the most important parts of a university education. Now many universities like Stanford have become sophisticated trade schools.. See my post Stanford+Connects.

A republic, like the United States, is supposed to operate faithfully under the rule of law. Apparently this fact, the fundamental principle of the republic, was ignored by the US president and the US congress.

The middle class has been decimated by the sub-prime loan crisis of 2008 by ubiquitous dishonesty that cost ordinary people trillions of dollars. This fraud has gone unpunished., and the culperts in many cases became even richer. See the articles The Great Foreclosure Fraud and Chain of Title.

This fraud appears to have happened because the US Congress encouraged unqualified people to buy houses that they could not afford and encouraged lenders to make bad loans who in turn sold them to financial institutions. The banks didn't really care if the loans were bad. The banks did not own the loans. there were maybe hundreds of thousands of criminals including politicians  involved in this fraud and  not a single one has been held accountable or punished. The result has been that the middle class has dramatically shrunk in the United States.

All of the above public policy mistakes are festering without everyone really realizing what has happened. It is like the emperor without his clothes. All it will take is for a skillful politician to yell out "The Emperor Has No Clothes", that is "The Government is Not Fulfilling its Social Contract with the People". Instead it is letting the rich and powerful gain advantage at the expense of everyone else.

I think that many people are frustrated and clueless about what has happened. They simply want to shake up the system, thinking the a revolt against the politically correct leadership is the only hope. It is not important to many of them if there are rational reasons to change. The reasons are, in my opinion emotional and the problems are so complicated that no one can figure out what to do.

I think that there is a fairly wide spread feeling of a breach of trust by government and that does not bode well for the uncertain future.
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