Karl Arnold Belser
27 May 2016

The Food and Drub Administration (FDA) has finally recognized that fructose increases obesity, heart disease, diabetes and hypertension. See the FDA article  FDA Modernizes Nutrition Facts Label for Packaged Foods. I wrote about the danger of fructose in my post Obesity and Public Policy two years ago. However, the FDA is still not calling fructose dangerous to health, which it is.

I learned about the change in labeling for sugar in the NewCo/Shift article The World's Biggest Industry Just  Got Served. I thank the news aggregator The Big Picture for directing me to this article.

The YouTube video Sugar: The Bitter Truth from the University of California in San Francisco gives the science behind the fact that fructose is poison for the human body. In short The body cannot sense or use fructose directly. Fructose goes directly into fat. It also messes with the body chemistry causing heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.  If one eats fructose the brain  does not sense this consumption and signals the body that the body is starving, which makes a person want to eat more. The conscious mind cannot over-ride the body if it thinks it is starving. So one eats and eats.

The university gives the following lifestyle guidelines to avoid fructose.

1. Get rid of all sugared liquids - only water and milk.
2.  Eat your carbohydrates with fiber.
3,  Wait 20 minutes before second portions.
4.  Buy your screen time minute-for-minute with physical activity.

How am I doing?

I am about 20 pounds over weight.  Most of this fat is below my stomach muscles making my stomach stick out.. I'd like to correct this situation.

I have shaped my habits to drink no sugared drinks. I drink water, black coffee and red wine. I do occasionally drink a glass of beer, which I learned from the video is just as bad as sugared soft drinks. Also, wine is just fermented fructose and ethanol is as bad as fructose (unfortunately for me).

I eat blue berries and a banana with grapefruit juice for breakfast. Berries have fiver and grapefruit juice has no added sugar.

I often eat hamburgers for lunch or dinner. The buns are sweet, which is not good. I try to snack  on peanuts, but I often lapse, especially at square dance functions. I avoid ice cream except for Oreo cookie shakes at Jack in the Box. I eat a fair amount of pasta because Jackie son manufactures and sells pasta. I am unclear if pasta is bad. I also eat pizza, which may be a problem.

Apparently my eating habits are not addressing my weight issues. What might I do differently?

I can certainly not eat snacks at square dance functions just like I don't drink Coke. I can substitute water instead of beer. My big question would be, should I give up a couple of glasses of wine every day? My compromise will be to limit myself to  one glass of wind per day.

Lastly, I sit for hours every day reading articles from my computer screen. This habit I can easily change by listening to my audio books while walking.

I know that whatever I decide to do, I will have to make it a permanent habit.
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