Karl Arnold Belser
23 March 2016

I gave a lecture on my trip to Cuba to the South Side Spanish Club two days ago. I had read extensively about the history of Cuba in preparation. The facts regarding the origination of the Castro Cuban republic seemed to fall in place, maybe producing a narrative fallacy, but one that is very compelling to me. Hence I am writing this post.

The dictator Fulgendio Batista took over Cuba in the early 1950s and allowed Cuba to become a "den of sin" with gambling and sex shows under the guidance of the mafia. The situation in Cuba by 1959 was out of control and the dictatorship was overthrown by Fidel Castro. Castro and his colleague Che Guevara started to turn the country around by among other things carrying out a literacy campaign and arranging a trade agreement with Russia to support the Cuban economy.

President Eisenhower directed the CIA to organize some Cuban exiles to invade Cuba. However, the plan did not take place until John Kennedy (JFK) became president. JFK and his attorney general brother Robert Kennedy (RFK) did not support the invasion. They refused to give the invaders areal support and the invaders were defeated by Fidel Castro. I presume that the CIA was not happy.

Che  then went to Russia, Cuba's primary trading partner, for protection, and the missile plan was hatched. Che was not going to let the US try to take over Cuba again. The result was the Cuban Missile Crisis. The crisis resulted in intense anxiety in the United States in which the military wanted to invade Cuba. JFK and RFK would have no part of this plan. Luckily the situation ended up with a major deescalation of nuclear threats with no missiles in Turkey, Italy or Cuba. Most importantly the Khrushchev-Kennedy agreement was made in which the US agreed never to invade Cuba again.

This result sounds good, but you have to read the Wikipedia article on the crisis to realize that it was only by a stroke of luck that the world did not experience nuclear war. I am pretty sure that the US military and the CIA were really upset with both JFK and RFK. Hence it is no surprise to me that JFK was 
assassinated one year later and his brother RFK was assassinated when it was clear that he would become president. I believe that the CIA can commit just about any crime and fool everyone about how it happened.

Any presidential candidate should know that they can be taken out if they threaten the security of the US.
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