Karl Arnold Belser
12 October 2015

A friend  sent me an article on how  Japanese Universities Are Shuttering Social Science and Humanities Departments. What's going on?

I am a Stanford graduate with BS, MS and PhD degrees. I consider Western civ. to be the backbone of understanding the success  that Europe and the United States are now enjoying.  This knowledge of what worked and what didn't work over history is currently being corrupted by political correctness, which I consider institutionalized lying. Now many minority groups that were not successful historically are being studied at the expense of understanding what did work and how "we" got here.  This is a wide spread trend as described in How western Civilization Disappeared from College Campuses.

I was horrified when Rev. Jessie Jackson, a black preacher, was able to kill the study of western civilization  at Stanford with Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Western civ. Has Got To go.

Last year when I discussed this problem with Alan Ryan, my step-son's father-in-law, he sent me the New Yorker article Get Rich U., which shows how practically oriented Stanford has become at the expense of the humanities.

I spent an afternoon searching "Why Study the Humanities" and I was astounded that many department heads and university presidents did not articulate a cogent answer to this question. This seems to indicate that many university faculty don't understand and have capitulated to the "power of science"and political correctness.

After all, the study of the humanities is the study of how it has been to be human over the past 5,000 years. There have been many terrible events such as wars, mass killings
. plagues. and natural disasters as well as the positive advances in science, human rights, and democratic government. These topics have to be discussed if one is going to learn the meaning of history.

I have enjoyed reading in the humanities this year because I am  interested in how civilized people might reorganize in order to deal with overpopulation, the exhaustion of natural resources and religious conflict. See my posts Future Politics,
Illegal Immigration, and Democracy in America.

Today an even worse situation is evolving. If a professor offends" some minority group he or she can be asked to eliminate that subject or be fired. These incidents are called micro-aggressions and make the speaker a kind-of criminal. See the article in the Atlantic called The Coddling of the American Mind. This is de facto censorship in the name of political correctness.

The solution to the micro-aggression problem might be to have every student sign a document of understanding stating that some subject important to the understanding of the humanities could be offensive to some people and that the student agrees not to complain if he or she chooses to attend this university. I conjecture that the reason that universities don't make their students sign such a document is that their attendance might go down, hurting them financially.

I am inclined to interpret the lack of education in the humanities as a tipping point indicating the decline of western civilization as we know it. I hope that the universities of the world come to their collective senses.
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