By Karl Arnold Belser
21 February 2015

I am observing several on-going activities that bode well for the future. They are advancements in water production, energy production and health care. I continue to believe that there will be incremental advancements that will allow people to adapt to the changes in world circumstances.

1. Purification of water

I live in California that is currently experiencing a severe drought that may last for a long time.  The MIT Technology review magazine had a good article on the subject titled Mega scale Desalination, which describes the advancements made in Israel to cheaply desalinate water using reverse  osmosis.

Southern California has a severe drought situation, and the city of Carlsbad is building a huge desalination plant as described in the MIT article Desalination out of Desperation
In both Israel and California the per gallon cost of desalinated water is about twice that of other sources, if in fact the other sources could supply the water. California is rich enough to afford to desalinate sea water or purify waste water.

I view this development as a clear sign that high tech areas of the world will survive through innovations.

2. Local Energy Production

In my post Zero Marginal Cost and Unemployment I point out the a useful collective commons might be the power grid.  Elan Musk of Tesla has thrown down the challenge to the power companies as described in the article Why Tesla's; battery for your home should terrify utilities. In short Musk as leader of Solar City is developing a home power system that can generate, store and resupply electricity for a home on a continuous basis at a low enough cost to be competitive with the local power companies. Solar City states that Every Solar City Customer will get Battery Backup within 5 to 10 Years.  This potential development would give the people of the United States enough redundancy that a terrorist attack on the power system of the nation would be ineffective.

3.  Universal Health Care

Lastly, I found an interesting article in the New York Magazine titled Guy  Who Gets Paid to Say Obamacare Doesn't Work Can't Find a Single True Fact to Support His case. This article, despite it's weird title, gives a pretty comprehensive analysis showing the the new Obamacare law is working. Universal health care, as I learned from the idea of the Social Contract between the government and the citizens, should give even the lowest people in society the possibility for a good life.
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