By Karl Arnold Belser
1 January 2015

My last post Dysrationalia made me conscious that I do tend to read news that is negative.. For example I regularly read the Zero Hedge, Mish, and Mauldin blogs, which focus on what is going wrong in the world.  I also read the Yahoo Finance and Big Picture blogs, which are neutral to positive in their outlook.

I especially like the Big Picture blog because Barry Ritholtz is educated as an engineer and lawyer with a special focus on behavioral economics. Barry has a daily insta-paper that aggregates many diverse articles. Two of them I want to discuss in this blog post because they are definitely positive in nature.

The first is from the Spectator called Why 2015 might well be mankind's happiest new year.  The article lists the war on disease, the war on war, the war on infant mortality, and the war on climate related deaths. I discussed these improvements in my post The State of the World 2014, but discounted this good news by focusing on the Islamic threats in the middle east. Possibly (and some might argue certainly) I have exaggerated this threat of Armageddon in my post called Apocalypse.  I am certainly living in one of the best times in all of human history and I am thankful for that fact.

The second is from The Washington Post called Our new pro-science pontiff: Pope Francis on climate change, evolution, and the Big Bang. The world is seeing for the first time in my life a religious leader that is intent on making the world better and reducing the conflict between science and religion. This is certainly one of the more positive occurrences in recent times, one that might be able to diffuse the clash of Christian and Islamic civilizations.

In conclusion I want to temper my views in the new year to emphasize the positive more.
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