By Karl Arnold Belser
27 August 2014

I am a control systems engineer an I know that complicated systems that operate well have effective feedback paths from the lowest levels in the system to the main controller of the system. For example, this feedback is the basis of the Japanese Post-War Economic Miracle that was orchestrated by W. Edward Deming. He used statistical modeling based on customer feedback and feedback from worker quality circles to successfully  improve the Japanese products.

I have shown many examples in my previous blog posts where central government and corporate control has resulted in very poor results because of poor feedback due to bureaucracy and/or corruption. For example, my post Shape Shifting Employment describes how central educational control is impeding the necessary change of workers from minions in a bureaucracy to independent self starters. The result in part has been a low-level of bread-winner employment. Further my post The Student Loan Dilemma shows how a well-meaning government policy has allowed low-level students to cripple themselves for life with an unbearable student loan load. This is similar to the sub prime loan crisis that we are currently recovering from. The student loan crisis has not even been acknowledged as caused by in discriminant lending to unqualified people.

The recent riots in Ferguson, Mo. have brought my attention to the apparent situation in which the federal government and police are not responding in the best interest of the local population. A riot is a form of feedback which is a reaction of last resort. The citizens of Ferguson are on average poor, which condition might have given rise to a significant amount of crime. The police have apparently responded to the crime  with a heavy hand.

It is possible that this feedback might bring changes as did the Vietnam War protests and the Civil Rights Movement. Further, I suspect that a large part of the US population is economically close to the  poverty level in Ferguson. See 17 Facts about employment and wealth. In the future other poor populations may also riot.

What disturbs me, and why I am writing the post, is the military level of armaments that were used in Ferguson. I personally believe that the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, the right to bear arms, was partly intended to be a control of government oppression.

I might have let these observations pass without comment except for the article in Harpers titled The Soft-Kill Solution. This article is long and is well worth reading. In short, it shows that the US is spending billions of dollars to develop non-lethal weapons for control of its own citizens. The military weapons deployed in Ferguson are a clear outward sign of how the nation is evolving.

Some might think that non-lethal force is justified. The commentary might be that many black men are out of control, which suggests that the response might be correct. This is a racist idea and deflects thinking away from the big picture.

I point out that when one controls crowds that are in protest to the point that they don't or wont protest anymore, the government has cut off this important feedback path. It is clear to me that since the rich are getting richer and poor poorer, there will need to be government reformation to allow democracy to function properly. See my post on Limiting wealth Accumulation and the article Monopoly.

The proverb There, but for the grace of god go I expresses the situation for much of the US population. I think that the US needs a modern-day Deming to bring quality back to government.
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