by Karl Arnold Belser
25 January 2014

I have been ignoring the possibility of a large asteroid colliding with the Earth as a Black Swan event even though I am familiar with the Alvarez Hypothesis in which a very large asteroid hit central Mexico and probably killed all of the dinosaurs on earth. So what? I just figured that what will be will be because we can’t do much about it anyway.

There is hope. The video Anthropogenic Astronomy: Thwarting Dangerous Asteroids begins with Finding Them, a talk given at the Long Now Foundation, explains that the human beings on this planet can do something to protect themselves. Astronaut Ed Lu points out that there is a significant probability that there will be a serious asteroid collision with the earth in the next 100 years. He explains that all asteroids of dangerous size that might collide with the Earth can be detected and mapped by an infra-red detecting satellite positioned in the shadow of Venus. Given that the collision dates can be calculated, these dangerous asteroids can be deflected. Hence, the protection of the Earth from asteroids is within the adjacent possible.

This video plays into my supposition that the earth will sooner or later begin behaving like a single organism. I suggested in Global Warming as a Black Swan for Survival that the people on earth might try to take some remedial action to cool the planet as a whole. I see this as a recurring theme with regard to water utilization, deforestation, sustainability of seafood, and of resource utilization in general. I think that somehow the people of the world will have to come together to make sure that life will continue on the Earth.

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