By Karl Arnold Belser
05 August 2013

I have missed one of the most important mega-trends in my previous list of mega-trends  – the role reversal between men and women as described in the article The End Of Men from the Atlantic Monthly (July 2010).

The trend stems from the fact that manual labor jobs are being replaced by robots. Hence many men are unemployed and have little prospects of making a "bread winner" salary that could support a wife and family. Today more women are employed than men and many men are bing supported by their wives.

I am not sure what this mega-trend might cause in the future. My intuition tells me that a female dominated society might be pushed around and convinced to give in rather than doing battle. I think about the fact that some women have allowed themselves to become sex slaves in a prison-like environment. I think that there is a need for the testosterone driven risk taking. Sometimes this risk taking is crazy and some times it’s necessary. I personally would be quite disturbed if women dominated the military.

The risk is that a female dominated society might be tolerant to a totalitarian type of government. They might be too submissive and if men had no leverage women might call the shots. Note that I am using might. This is a possible outcome but is not necessarily going to happen.

The stage is set in which robots might do much of the manufacturing with no need for unskilled labor. The government might try to mitigate this problem by taxing the rich and supporting the poor with transfer payments like it is doing today. Everyone needs food and shelter and without it there would be revolution.

However, past experience suggests that uncontrolled subsidy might result in a population explosion to the point where the society cannot bear the load. Then the government might have to take draconian action to control the population like what has happened in China. Protest might be difficult if the government 
surveillance of communications can prevent organization. 

I think that this sort of situation would require fighting back, but without men in leadership positions there would likely be no fight. There have been civilizations in the Americas before 1492 in which a theocracy ruled for thousands of years. It might happen again.

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