Copyright 2004,2005 by Karl Arnold Belser


Central to my Personal Development Process is a personal journal.  I begin by listing 3 "wins" per day relative to the problem area in order to change my attitude.  The wins can be as simple as: I cleaned the house, I invited a friend to lunch, or I completed my income taxes.  As I list more wins, my attitude improves.  I become willing to take a new RISK.

When I take a RISK by trying something new, I am at the cross-roads of the diagram.  If I  know enough to have results  I will proceed to the left PRODUCING loop.  If I think I know enough but don't, I will proceed to the right LEARNING loop.  Usually it is a surprise that I don't know enought, and my emotional experience, see IGRORANCE, will indicate that I need to learn.

My imperative to start or continue personal development is: "Try Something New".

Last Updated 11 November 2005