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Vern Black, who was one of the staff members of the Erhardt Seminars Training (EST) in the early 1970s, wrote a booklet called The  Integrity Tone Scale from which the table below was copied.  He claimed that the Integrity Tone Scale was the underpinning of EST, which was enormously popular during the 1970s and early 1980s.  However, Werner Erhardt never gave out any written material.  I don't know who copied whom, but the EST terminology agrees  well with that of the Integrety Tone Scale.

Werner and his trainers regularly used items from this table.  For example, Werner used to say that a person was "above the line" if his integrity was at or above the DETRIMENT/RESPONSIBLE row.  He would point out that you are above the line if you keep the agreements that you make.  He also made people memorize a phrase something like "Whether you know it or not, you are the cause in the matter."  He inspired many people, including me, to make a difference.  

See the positive article on EST in Psychology Today in August 1975 and the critical article from The Skeptics Dictionary.

Integrety Tone Scale

Karl Arnold Belser received material from Vern Black after he had left the EST organization, and realized the following:

1)  A person is not a point on the Integrity Tone Scale as Vern Black and Werner Erhardt asserted.  Rather a person manifests a collection of behaviors each having a position on the scale.

2)  The process of moving up The Integrity Tone Scale is the process of learning relative to a particular situation.  Hence the process is iterative.  A linear table with a top and bottom is inappropriate.  The diagram should be a loop.

3)  The learning process is really the process of personal growth, which never ends unless one gives up or dies.  Hence the learning process is infinite and might best be indicated by an infinity sign.

Karl drew The Personal Growth Diagram (below) in 1983, independent of Vern Black,  to try to fix the problem with the table.  The personal growth diagram evolved from there over a period of more than 20 years.

Infinite Growth Chart

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