Copyright 2004,2005 by Karl Arnold Belser


I define confusion as the quality or state of being disordered or mixed up.  I know that I'm confused when I'm experiencing sustained feelings such as reluctance, self-consciousness, or guilt.

James's doctors told him that he was permanently disabled after he lost his central vision.  He still wanted to work, but he couldn't work in the lab, and he didn't want to be a manager.  He was confused.  Should he give up and take disability, or should he try to find another way to make a living?

Acceptance of the truth was a freeing experience for
James because he knew that he could choose a new course of action, even though there might be a loss.  At some point, as he wrote in his journal, he had an idea.  He could redefine his job so that he was not limited by his low vision.  His company didn't fire him, and he wanted to meaningfully contribute to its disk drive business without being a manager.

My imperative to escape confusion is: "Decide To Have Results."

Last Updated 10 November 2005