Copyright 2004,2005 by Karl Arnold Belser


I define awareness, the opposite of ignorance, as having or showing realization, perception, or knowledge.  I know that I'm aware when I'm experiencing sustained feelings such as curiosity, freedom, challenge, hope, or anticipation.

James used a telescope, magnifying lenses, and a computerized speach synthesizer to function somewhat normally with his central vision loss, but he couldn't work in the lab.  He was an experienced engineer and was curious about all aspects of disk drive operation.  He studied the disk drive and then wrote working papers and patents about improvements that he discovered.  Again the journal writing process (writing working papers) was useful in clearly presenting the possibilities.  He gradually became knowledgeable in most aspects of the technology.  

My imperative to gain awareness is "Pick a Task and Take Action."

Last Updated 10 November 2005