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The Belser Family Tree with Photos
shows the relationship among the people whose speeches,  memoirs and biographies appear on the
Karl Belser Home Page.
This tree is an updated version of Appendix A of
Karl Arnold Belser's Memoirs (2006)

Belser Family Crest

Karl Arnold Belser

Marriage and PhD Issues (2019) saves 2 letters.
Memoirs of a Late 20th Century Engineer (2006) is karl Arnold Belser's Autobiograhy.
Prints by Karl Arnold Belser (1061 -1962) is a collection of linoleum block prints,
A Drop of Experience (1955) is Karl Arnold Belser's first short story, written when he was 15.  This fiction story should be compared to the true story, Reverence for Life, from Memoirs of  a Late 20th  Century Engineer.

Amy Lou Belser - Cousin (Father's Brother's Daughter)

Obituary of Amy Belserr (2012) is an article about Karl's Cousinn (100 KB pdf)

Gloria Patricia Beckman - Cousin (Motherr's Brother's Daughter)

Obituary of Pat Beckman (2011) is an article about Karl's Cousinn (30 KB pdf)
Article on the Death of Pat Beckman and Video about A. O. Beckman (2011)

Karl Jacob Belser - Father

The Life of Karl Jacob Belser is an autobiographical outline for Karl Jacob Belser's life.

Karl Jacob Belser Memorial Service is a speech given by Reverend Dan Lyon, a Unitarian Minister.
The water color paintings of Karl Jacob Belser are some of the paintings in the possession of Karl A. Belser.
Crater Lake Drawings by Karl Jacob Belser are from the book Blue Interval by Ernest G. Moll published in 1935.
Etchings from the 1930s by Karl Jacob Belser from the estate of friend Professor P.H. McGauhey.
Papers by Karl Jacob Belser at the University of Michigan Bentley Hisorical Library.
The Planning Fiasco in California by Karl J. Belser published in Cry California in Summer 1967
The Making of Slurban AMerica  by Karl J. Belser published in Cry California in Fall 1970

Wilma Blanche Belser (Beckman) - Mother

Biography of Wilma Blanche Beckman (Belser) is a speech by Karl Arnold Belser given at the dedication ceremony of the Wilma Beckman Auditorium at Illinois Wesleyan University at Bloomington, Illinois.  The Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation donated the library.
(PDF snapshot of IW website on March 5, 2009)

Arnold Orville Beckman - Uncle (Mother's Brother)

Biography of Arnold Orville Beckman was prepared by Eugenii Katz from the Institute of Chemistry at  the University of Jerusalem.  
   Biography based on input from The Chemical Heritage Society.
Cal tech Commencement Address (2170 KB MP3)  given by Arnold Beckman at 86 years old on June 15, 1986
Video about rnold Orville Beckman

99th birthday Speeches
     *  Short biography of Karl Arnold Belser for the guest book.
     *  Recollections of Uncle Arnie  by Karl A. Belser
     * Short biography of Lawrence Walter Belser for the guest book.
     * Recollections of Uncle Arnie  by Lawrence W. Belser.
Memorial Service Speech by Karl A. Belser in May 2004 at the Beckman Center, UC Irvine Campus. 

George  Beckman - Grand Father (Mother's Father)

George Beckman Family Photo  Arnold Orville Beckman, Fredrich Ferdinand Beckman, George Beckman, WIlma Blanche Beckman, and Roland Agtella Beckman 1914
Memoir's of George Beckman is a collection of anecdotes dictated to his daughter, Wilma Belser, in about 1942.  George Beckman is the maternal grandfather of Karl Arnold Belser.

Hermann Belser - Gramd Fatjer (Father's Father)

Autobiography of Hermann Frederich Belser tells the story of how a teacher's son came from Mossingen Germany to the United States to become a Lutheran minister.  Herman Frederich Belser
is the father of Martin Luther Belser, the paternal grandfather of Karl Arnold Belser.

Adolf & Jacob Sheetz - Great Grand Father (Father's Mother's Father)

About Jacob Sheetz  is part of a history of New Washington, Ohio.  Jacob Sheetz is the father of Emma, the paternal grandmother of Karl Arnold Belser.

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