By Karl Arnold Belser
12 June 2020


A black man, George Floyd, was murdered
in Minneapolis Minnesota by a policeman with other police standing around watching. The murder was filmed by a bystander and shown in the news worldwide.. Many people in the US became enraged with this police action.

The murder was a horrific crime that shows how out of control many police are in the United States. There have been many other criminal police actions against people of all races, but this was the trigger. This policing misbehavior has been inflicted on just about all types of people in the US, but because George was black the result was nationwide protests of predominantly black people.
I personally think that the protests were justified.


he unfortunate fact was that most of the nation was in lock down because of the Coronavirus. So millions of people congregated without social distancing. However, there has not been an upswing in Coronavirus infections after two weeks, but maybe it is too soon to tell.

I suspect that because many of the protesters were young that the consequences will not result in a lot of deaths. See the CDC data from my last post Shutdown Mistake. Many older people will know that their lives are at risk, so they will not protest.

My assertion that the Coronavirus infection rate  has peaked  is illustrated by the following chart.

Coronaavirus Statistics

I observe that the infection rate (top) is relatively flat, which means that social distancing and masks are working. The death rate (bottom) is declining as shown in the CDC charts below, which means older people who are the most at risk, like me, are staying home.

Male and Femal death s Male and death s Male Femal deaths
                   Both male and femal                                        Male only                                                 Female only

The US is clearly past its peak infection rate and the nation should open up. This steady state of infection will probably continue and there will be a lot of deaths and older people will have to stay sheltered until a vaccine is developed.

The protesting mobs show that many people are fed up with being locked down and that the fear of Coronavirus is declining. Further the reopening economy has employed thousands of people. The US stock market has made a miraculous and in my opinion unjustified recovery to evaluation comparable to those before the Coronavirus outbreak. This suggests that investors are hoping for a recovery which I doubt will come about.


The nationwide protests were also accompanied by billions of dollars of looting, violent crime and property destruction in many cities that have large black populations. There were surveillance cameras in many stores and I observed that many of the looters were black. This, of course, was not mentioned on the news media, whose attitude was that the criminality was justified. I don't understand this attitude because most of the property damage and robbery were of black owned businesses. I conclude that there is a significant part of the black community that is angry with the current economic situation. I also conclude that the United States is not willing to confront the criminality within the black community.

The protesters in several cities are asking for their police department to be eliminated or at least defunded with the money saved going to support the black connmunity. One reporter asked what would happen if someone broke into my house. The answer was "so what you have white privilege."  I wonder who the racists are?

An example of what happens when there are no police is south Chicago during the protests. There was more than 100 shootings and 38 deaths in the last two weeks. The police did not come to control the destruction and the black mayor of Chicago, Laurie Lightfoot, refused to acknowledge the out-of-control behavior in her city. The police did not come to control the criminality I think because the police would be daemonized if anyone was hurt if they tried to stop the damage. Even though the deaths in Chicago were at a record level, I saw no new report on PBS or NBC. I wonder if the citizens of the United States are going to let chaos rule? I suspect not.

This is the state of the nation today.
Last updated June 15, 2020
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